How to become accredited

If you have management systems in place for fatigue and maintenance and can provide sufficient operating records, you can have an Entry Audit conducted by a Exemplar Global auditor. Once you have a compliant Entry Audit you can submit it to Main Roads with the required payment and become accredited. This option will suit those who are already operating in some manner i.e. Interstate operators.

For those who are new to the industry or for those who do not have sufficient operating records, you may have a Systems Audit conducted by an Exemplar Global auditor. Prior to the audit you must establish your management systems for maintenance and fatigue. Once you have a compliant Systems Audit you can submit it to Main Roads with the required payment. At this point you will receive provisional membership of the WAHVA Scheme for three months and have access to all RAV permit and notice products. Prior to the end of the three month period, your Exemplar Global auditor must return and carry out a follow up audit which must be submitted to Main Roads.

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