Under the NHVAS Business Rules and Independent Audit Framework, all audits are to be conducted by an approved independent auditor. These auditors must be certified by RABQSA International to be recognised by the NHVR as an NHVAS auditor.

Successful audits of an operator's compliance with the relevant module standards are critical to retaining approval under the NHVAS.

nhvas-largeInitial Compliance audit (Set Up)

Certifies that a management system for accreditation is in place, is being used and adheres to the scheme standards before accreditation is granted.

Six-month compliance audit

For the first accreditation period, an operator's management system must undergo an audit within the first six months of operation in the scheme. It is recommended that this audit be booked with an approved auditor as soon as the NHVR accreditation approval letter is received to avoid any delays. If an audit has not been received six months into accreditation an operator's accreditation will automatically be suspended.

Renewal compliance audit

It is the operator's responsibility to submit the audits to the department three months prior to an operator's accreditation expiring. Accreditation is issued for a period of two years and must be renewed every two years. When an auditor has carried out two consecutive audits on an operator, a different auditor must conduct the next audit. In NSW, this means two consecutive audits for any module. In other states and territories, this means two consecutive audits for each module. These provisions may, after written application by a scheme member, be waived by the Regulator in extenuating circumstances such as in remote areas. If a renewal application is not received, an operator's accreditation will automatically be cancelled at midnight of the accreditation expiry date. See Timeframes and penalties for more information.


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