• Years of expertise in heavy vehicles

    Even if you're facing the trickest of situations, it will be a smooth ride thanks to our combined 50 years in heavy vehicle compliance.

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  • We make accreditation easy

    Operators of certain types of heavy vehicles in Western Australia must become accredited under the Western Australia Accreditation Process in order to gain a permit from Main Roads.

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  • Heavy Vehicles? Here's a good idea.

    Transport Auditing is the only agency in the country which is truly "on your side" throughout the auditing & accreditation process.


    National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme


    Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

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    Find out more about transport auditing.

Transport Auditing Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Whatever the size or specifications of your heavy vehicle fleet, at Transport Auditing we'll give you unrivalled, completely comprehensive support across all of your accreditation, compliance and training needs. There is always room for improvement in your heavy vehicle auditing, and we're well known for our innovation and determination to find it for you.   Between us, our team has over 50 years expertise in heavy vehicle compliance, working with a network of nationally accredited auditors to make light work of even the trickiest situations. You'll see a big enhancement to your auditing effieciency, while feeling the satisfaction of complete compliance and a much better bottom line.

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